When it comes to the art of glass, the images of beautifully carved designed glasses come to mind. 

Something, people see and think everything nice. 

But when it comes to Rashmi Dey, the story tends to turn a bit differently. In a men dominated field, she is an example worth following. 

Reshmi Dey is an artist and an entrepreneur of the glass art in the industrial and commercial world of India. Whatever she has learned through the process of growing in this uphill journey, she shows through her passion, her works. All these, she considers as treasure and believes, the whole process of creating is not one way. When you learn, you teach too and create masterpiece, one after another, throughout your journey.

After learning the best of arts, Reshmi created GLASS SUTRA, India’s one and only glass art studio. Her dream, now a reality- a creative space, built over an area of 5000sq.ft. is in New Delhi.   

This studio is the center of learning and teaching for every passionate art lover. This unique art is one of its kind and hard to master. But at Reshmi’s GLASS SUTRA you can feel your dream coming true. 

GLASS SUTRA has a beautiful gallery with Reshmi’s work and also of those enthusiasts who come to this aboard. It also has a comfortable lounge, conference room and strives to provide the liberty to follow their dream and indulge in their artistic expression. 

The studio is capable of hosting activities and educational initiatives through the different processes of Glass Making.


 A world ‘glass’ experience in the one-of-a-kind world class art.