You have the will in you that has the power to win over the world.

Such is the story of Kshama Kulshreshtha.

Fell. Lost a part of her. Went through 88 surgeries. But all these could not break down the spirit of  Kshama Kulshreshtha, a miracle in the eyes of everyone, especially the doctors who treated her.

In spite of all these hurdles, Kshama Kulshreshtha became Dainik Bhasker ‘Woman of the Year’, 2010. And her painting “ADBHUT” took its rightful place in the Limca Book of Record, 2009.

Her painter-self did not let Kshama give up on her dream of painting and stand out from the rest. And finally, she created her master piece. 

A dream that guided her way, she saw Lord Ganesha in her dreams and from the next morning, the journey of her masterpiece began. Every day she would ritually paint one Ganesha. This used to take half an hour. Slowly and steadily, Kshama saw her dream taking the shape of reality. She painted 1248 Ganesha figures, all unique in their way, with different colour patterns. 

Finally the completed masterpiece was so different and beautiful; it looked exactly a dream coming to life. “ADBHUT” got the deserving name, with the whole painting showing a larger portrait of Omkareshwar Ganesha in the background created with the small Ganesha idol painted on the canvas.  

A painting seen in dreams, a painting with the blessing from the divine is a pride in itself and special in its own way.

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